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Wellness Workshops designed to increase your wellness, to support you to fend off illness

“I received the Take Charge of Anxious Thoughts for a Calm Mind Wellness Workshop as a gift from a friend; having tried other approaches to improve my mindset I was expecting to find it inspiring but lacking in practical substance, but it absolutely isn’t. I was stopped in my tracks at the first technique that’s covered in the workshop. The whole workshop has practical & life changing techniques for dealing with mindset challenges, even those that are serious & longstanding. I’m looking forward to taking more workshops in the Wellness Workshop Series.”


Designed to enable you to improve your wellness by applying easy to use tools & techniques. Life is busy & these workshops enable you to feel at your best & enjoy life by teaching you how you can feel good, regardless of how busy you are.


Take Charge of Anxious Thoughts for a Calm Mind

In this workshop you'll learn how to rein in anxious thoughts to reduce their power over you.

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Anxiety Buster Masterclass – COMING SOON!

COMING SOON! - In this workshop you’ll learn how to go from feeling anxious, stressed out & doubting yourself, to feeling energised, bright & carefree.

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Why Choose The Wellness Workshop Series?

The workshops are designed with busy people in mind, the content is easy to understand & put into practice.

Improve Your Life

By making small changes to your daily routine you can significantly improve your wellness & reduce your chance of succumbing to illness.

Feel Better

Focus your mind on what really matters to you by learning techniques to train your mind to work for you.